Dec 4, 2012

Every 2 Seconds A Family Pet Is Lost

Every 2 Seconds A Family Pet Is Lost

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Pet!

With a microchip your pet can't leave home without his identification. The microchip is so tiny that it fits through a hypodermic needle. Just like a vaccination,

it's injected under the skin of your pet. If your lost pet is found by a shelter or veterinarian, they will check for a microchip with a special scanner,

find the chip number and call a 24-hour hotline.

More pets are euthanized every year in pounds and shelters, because they cannot be accurately identified,

than are killed by all infectious diseases combined.

This implant will allow your pet to be identified by other veterinary clinics, pounds and shelters.

If your pet becomes lost or stolen this tiny device can be used to identify your pet.

Once implanted the device doesn’t require any maintenance or care.

Your pet’s microchip is registered with a national database so any pound, shelter or vet clinic can identify your animal.  
Microchip and implantation is $42.00  CALL 215-947-5110