Nov 13, 2017

Locations of World of Animals Inc.

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In order to provide better service to you, World of Animals Bethayres works on an appointment based system.
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Boarding Kennel Montgomery County Veterinary Hospital

In January of 2013 World of Animals completed renovating the inside of our kennel The electricity throughout the building was completely replaced and a new heater installed. Air conditioning keeps everyone cool in the summer months too. Our groom room has a new bathtub with a ramp installed for freshening up before going back home. 

Careers Montgomery County Veterinary Hospital

World of Animals Inc. has an opportunity for an experienced Associate Veterinarian to join our growing company which includes 4 locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Due to our multiple locations we have openings for both a full time veterinarian as well as a part time position; alternately a relief position with the option to turn into a permanent associate with the company.

Wellness Examination Vet Huntingdon Valley

As Medical Director at World of Animals Veterinary Hospitals, I find my pet parents often know what vaccines they are due for, but less commonly understand what I’m doing when performing a physical examination for their pet. In the following article, I will help explain what your veterinarian is checking, and why Physical Examinations are important for your pet at least once per year.

Senior Pet Wellness Vet Montgomery County

Kidney disease, diabetes, and hypothyroidism (dogs) hyperthyroidism (cats) are common diseases in senior pets and many treatments are available if detected early. By detecting, treating and Preventing problems before they become life-threatening, we can extend the life of your favorite four-legged family member

Vaccinations For Dogs Veterinary Hospital Montgomery County

 Boarding, training, or grooming facilities may require the CANINE INFLUENZA vaccine – just remember it needs 2 shots, two to four weeks removed from one another to give reliable immunity. The shot should be boostered annually. Plan ahead to protect your pet from CANINE INFLUENZA.

Vaccinations for Cats Vet Montgomery County

Our feline friends not only need food, love, and a clean litter box (or two), but they need vaccinations to keep them healthy! The Rabies, FVRCP, and FeLV vaccines each serve specific roles in protecting your cat’s health and happiness.

Radiography Veterinarian Montgomery County

Radiography is an important diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine.  X-ray images (radiographs) allow veterinarians to examine the body for injury or disease.   Not only used for bones, radiographs provide examination of the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs. At World of Animals at Bethayres we have a Digital X-Ray unit that can quickly give our Veterinarians the images they need to diagnose your pet.